fredag 14 oktober 2011

By myself

This is a picture a drew in the end/beginning of august/september (I don't remember so well...) in a garden named Almedalen in Visby. When I started whit the sketch I thought it would be an bright, happy angel. But after maybe 30 minutes I realized that my right hand would something other that my brain.

I'm excuse the picture is a little oblique. Me and my scanner isn't that best friends you can thought, so... ¬w¬'

When I was finnish I texted Straycat (a friend to me) and asked her what I should named it. I gave her this alternative:

1. By myself I'm only an angel. I am all alone in the sky.
2. Fly me to the sky
3. By myself

Straycat: Aww, Oh My Kira vad fint <3 By myself, I'd say. Kort och vackert :3 <3
[Aww, Oh My Kira how nice <3 By myself, I'd say. Short and beautiful :3 <3]

So it been By myself . The thing is that the same time I texted Straycat I listening at Linkin park's "By myself", so I guess the inspiration came from the music, or something...
 But, when I look at it... I just think that that angel really is all by herself. She' sthe only one left, sure she got her wings. But she don't know how to use them, so she can't fly to the sky and be whit the other angels and souls. She want, but she can't. God doesn't let her be whit the other angels, 'caus'e she's not like an ordinary angel. She's not like the other angels. She's all by her self.

I'm only an angel,
Who's stuck on the ground.
Please, oh father,
Fly me to the sky,
And let my ears hear the winds sound.
Oh, please father,
Fly me to the sky,
And don't let me be here.
I'm all alone,
I'm all afraid.
So please, oh please father,
Don't let me be,
All by myself.
Why did I deserve,
A fate like this?
Why you decide,
My death would be like this?
I'm only an angel,
Who's stuck on the ground.
Oh, please father,
Let me hear,
An other angels wings sound.

A short poem I wrote right out of my head. Fancy huh? ;3

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