lördag 15 oktober 2011

Rainbow hair

This is actually one of the few pictures which I've totally completed with. Sometimes I actually think that I'm like Da Vinci, who's only made 7 completed works. Actually it's a little the same for me. I have very few works which I'm completed with, and the map with half completed and just started work is almost 2 times bigger than the completed, if you see what I mean...
 However, It didn't take so long to sketch, but to colored it... Well, it take a while, but sure I'm happy that the watercolor didn't was mean to me and just smeared out on to the paper.
 I'm happy for that~ Very happy~ :3

Once again, sorry for the bad quality on the picture... I tried to fix it, but now ya see the results and... yeah... It's overexposed... Like hell... T^T 

The guy on the picture name's Mido Akito. He's one of my friends (Straycat's) character in a forum roleplay. He's 19 years old and want to become a mangaka (manga comic artist), and to make he's dream to become real he go to the great Shinzuki Hatori (mine character). Hatori a 27 year old mangaka which only have work on he's mind, and at the first moment he totally disagree to take Akito as a student. But after many "ifs" and "buts" Hatori finally says...
Yeah. I have some thoughts that this story is going to be a manga to someday, but (in the first place) one other story is on the top of the list... Well, I guess you have to wait a few years to that would happened, but yeah... I really, really, really hope that our dream come true.

When I look at this picture I always think at Linkin park's "Iridescent". Sure the song is really good, but someone told me that "iridescent" means like "shifting in the rainbows colors" (Now we ignore that this "someone" is google translate, 'kay?).
 If this is going to be a manga someday I would actually ask Straycat if it would be named "Iridescent". Not just 'cause my fancy little explanation over here, but also 'cause Hatoris favorite band actually is Linkin park (surprise, huh?)

One fun thing I figured out yesterday in school was that I've always hade the wrong idea 'bout Akito's hair. I've always thought that the whole hair was rainbow colored, but yesterday Straycat told me that the bangs was black.
(The text conversation... sort of...)
Keiran: Which color has Akito's hair, u said? :3
Straycat: Hmm... Lemme see now... Pink, vine red, green, white... maybe yellow aaand... black bangs ^w^
Keiran: Heeee~?! Ô_Ô' Has he ALWAYS had black bangs?!
Straycat: Yes xD
Keiran: Oh... Ö_Ö' an other evidence that I never read the templates so well... 'x'D

Advice (and note to self) from (to) Keiran: Always read the templates carefully.

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