tisdag 1 november 2011

Long time, no se~


... Well, that was a nice greeting, wasn't it?
Oh well, for the first I want to say "Hallo" as an polite and nice human, and then I want to say "Sorry". It been a while since I updated the blog, and the reason is that I have had so much things to do the last weeks.  For the first I had to go to school and swimming, plus some homework etc. I had also to take care of myself and cooking food, for example, plus (wow, now it's been much here...) I have my autumn holiday the last week and that means that I've been home and visited my family. So, to not be so lengthy, my day's had been like go to school, eat, go to the swimming, eat, do homework, looking at anime, poop, sleep... (next day) Go to school, eat, go to the swimming, etc.~
 Well, yeah, so when I now actually have HAD time I've just been so tied the only thing I dried to do have been watching anime and a little roleplaying, which has made me totally forget that I actually run a blog to (Yay me~!)

But oh well, I sad I wouldn't be so lengthy, so now I actually think it's time for you guys to have a sneak peak on a little manga comic I had started with! :)

The head over here belongs to little cute Lucifer Elliot. Kei's comment: ... *Kyaa~ <3*
Btw, the guy in the middle (which I tried to make like Mori Kogoro from Mentantei Conan) says: "Ey! Watch out!" ... Or, sort of.. u_u'

 This is the first page on the comic. I planned to made over 20 pages, but so far I've only done 3, which it's only 1 that is finished.
 For the first I rough sketch with lead pencil (2B or HB I think...), which means I've done geometric shapes that soon will form, for example, a body (what I exactly mean whit that you will see later).
 After that I've sketched the "real sketch", that means that you soon will see more than just some circles and stretch here and there.
 The third thing I do is indian ink (wait, was it really right, there?) the sketch, wait a cupel of minutes (IMPORTANT LIKE HELL!) and then erase the remaining pencil lines.
 The last thing I've do is to color the page with pencils with various shades of grey.
 And then... voila! The page is done! :3
 So, that was the 4-step-lession of how you made an comic page on Kei's way! :]

Once again, I've tried to fix the picture in the computer and "make it better", but... yeah... x__x'
About the text it's just things like: "Ah! What are you doing?!", "Hey!" and "Watch out!". But on the middle and the last box Lucifer thought: "I must catch! I must!" (middle box) "He shall not..!" (last box).
At this one I've already finnish with the sketching, now it's only the indian ink left. Here I've even use speed lines and a little bit skewed backgrounds, which affects the feeling that there is an action-packed scene.
 One little funny thing I've done on the first panel was that I took some of my friends and favorite manga characters and put them in the crowds. I've even put myself and StrayCat in there, can you find us?? :3 (Hohoo, this is fun like... Takano-san's laugh x'3)

Page 3. Sorry about the bad quality... Btw... "Damon!" (first box).
*Click!* (third box) "Here you go, young man!" "Thanks." (4th box)
I've think it is Boat Ticket London on the ticket, but I'm not sure... Hm...~

Here I've only made some geometric shapes and other patterns, and that means this is the rough sketch.  Here I've only use two skewed boxes to slow down it all and starting a calm scene.

When I'm finnish with it I will maybe but it on the blog, but I'm pretty sure I will put it on my deviantART (www.keiran-kun.deviantart.com). :3
 Oh well, now I shall crawl down under the blanket and dream about blond Italians.

 Sleep well, good friends <3

Btw, 'bout Takano-san's laugh... x'3 <3

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