tisdag 22 november 2011

... Ouch

 It had been a loooong while since I wrote/uppdateted the blog, and I'm so sorry for that, I really am.
 Do u guys remember when I wrote that I've had to much to do a cupple of weeks ago? It had been like that for a time now, but NOW I'm ready to start with the blog again!
 So now (or when I come home from school...) I shall uppdatet the blog with new pictures I've done.
 Yay~! :D

Not REALLY like that, but... pretty close... R__R'

Two pictures this time, only 'cause they both awesome and shows how my mood had been for the last week... ':3

Oh btw, I have start on a new project (yes, AGAIN), but I will tell you more leater when I'm done with the characters... ;3 And YES, it's for a new comic project! ^^

... And I think I've catch a cold, so now I have a little more time to do other stuff that do homework, swim and cooking food... >,>

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