söndag 11 december 2011

"Julmys" and "Tredje Advent"

 Well, well, well... Now you guys seen how good I am to held what I promised...
Heh...' *bow for excuses...*

 Oh well.
 Today it's "Third Advent" (Tredje Advent in swedish) which is a swedish tradition before Christmas. I don't quit know why we're doing it, mayby it's just a "funny" and "we-doing-it-every-single-year-so-why-should-we-not-do-it-this-year-to-?" thing... Or something...
 *H-hrm~* But anyways, today Iv'e been with the girls from WSS (Wisby Simsällskap ≈ Wisby swingclub) and had "Julmys". We met all eight and baked gingerbread, drank Julmust and made Christmas cards together and had a very good time. I hope we can do it again soon :)
 Thanks girls~ :D <3

 Well, I hadn't anything special to show ya tonight, I shall soon go to bed so...
 But I can actually show one of those two pictures I've done today when we made Christmas card~ ^^

Happy birthday, Hatori-kun~! <3 Best present evah, huh~? ;P
 Yeah, it's Hatori and Akito I've talked 'bout for a time ago. Aren't they cute together, huh~? #>w< <3     And actually, Hatori's B-day is December 24th, so happy B-day in advance, Hatori-kun~! ^3^

 But oh well, now I shall go to bed, it's a day tomorrow, to...
 But before I'm going I will just said that I'm planing to start a new "thing" on the blog... I will not say more now, you guys just have to wait, hyohohoo... >*3

 Well, then...

 Good night~ <3

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