söndag 6 november 2011

Sneak peak

Moshi moshi!
("Hello" on Japanese... I've think... ';3)

Yesterday I've started on a new picture. Well, it's not like I've always starts on a new picture, but this one is a little special. Or, at least it feels like that... Hum...
 Anyhow~ I will not tell you what it is yet, I guess you guy's have to wait a little longer to see the finished result. It's not a gift to someone or anything, it's just that it take pretty much longer for me to do this one than other images (maybe 'cause I've had so much details, h- hurm... ¬¬'). For example it take almost 2 hours fore me to do the rough sketch..!
 Oh well, I wouldn't say anymore for now, you just have to wait, hohoo~ >;)

I've guess Straycat just: "Me gusta~ >:} <3"...

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