söndag 8 januari 2012

Marry X-mas 'n' Happy new year, etc. etc...~

 Because of Christmas eve and New Year's camp with UNF (Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund) (Youth Temperance Union)has the blog been put aside for a while. But now when schools starting tomorrow I think I'll have "time" to update here more. :3 Sure, I have had 5 days free time now with only some swimming, but acept of that I've got a small cold and only lying in my bed and watch Scrubs and anime. Well, there you have my last week on the winter holidays~ ^3^'

 But now, my dear friends and monkeys, shall I show you some work I've done an shall keep going~ ^^
 It's a new comic, this without manuscript, thought, but yeah, here ya go~ The first 3 pages~! ^3^

 Some of u guys have sure already seen this one on my facebook, but I'm too lazy to scan some new stuff int to Takahashi-kun..~! >3<'

This is a fan-comic based on the "Professor Layton" games to Nintendo DS/DS3D. The man with the top hat is Professor Layton and the little boy is his student, Luke.
This i page 1 on the comic :]

Page 2~

The special thing with this comic is that I've involved me and an friend, Straycat, as male characters~
Page 3
 I haven't working on this one for a while now, but I'll soon start with my work again! Or, as soon as I have "time" and energy to it thought...
 The technology I've used to this is the same as the other I've show you for a cupel of mounts ago ( Link to the post: http://linekeiranalfredsson.blogspot.com/2011/11/long-time-no-se.html ). I started with a rough sketch, did the real sketch and complete with ink in black and different shades of grey.
 I this comic I've started to play a little with different angles. It's hard like hell, but God it's so fun~! :D

 Well, now should I clean my apartment and look at a little more "Lucky Star". I will show you some pictures and sketches I've done under the holiday later, so be calm, mr. Monkey~! :3


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