lördag 11 februari 2012

The cat and the dog's diary~

Long time no see~( as always, I suppose...' )
 Once again, I'm sorry for the low update of the blog, but a lot's of things have happened the past weeks since last I wright, so...
 Very well, my day has been spent to clean basically my entire apartment, which it really, REALLY needed, plus that I've up again started my work with Damon and Lucifer ( you can find the post here: )! :D Or, in other word, I have almost finished the second page which just had been discarded in an X numbers of months. I'll upload it later when it's total finished, but now I'll soon bake a cake or something that I may have as a snack to Sherlock later tonight~ :)

However, this isn't what this post is about, actually. As you can see the title of the post is The cat and the dog's diary~. Which that I've really MEAN the cat and the dog's diary. You see, for a cupel of years ago (I think...) a swedish radio program named Rix morgonzoo (Rix morningzoo) get a mail from 'Alice'. The mail was a chain letter and in it it was just the cat and dog's diary.
 I can just say that I laughed as much than they in the radio program, and I actually took the liberty to translate it to english (... but in fact, I used google translate and just fixed some small errors, just 'cause I'm lazy... x'3).
 OBSERVE! It wasn't me who wrote down the whole thing in swedish from the start, I found it on this page:

                                                            You can find the whole diary of this two animals here:

And here you got the cat and dog's diary in both swedish and english. Enjoy, folks! :D

In swedish: 

In english:

In swedish: 
In english:

I also think this one picture say's a lot... x'D

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